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"KINGDOM was without doubt the most spectacular performance at the International Community Arts Festival in Rotterdam." - Jan-Willem vab den Heuvel/  Rottterdam An Extensive Report

Kingdom is about the influence of the Kings gang on aimless young Latinos in New Haven, a midsize city halfway between New York City and Boston. This gang influence is not fundamentally different from the empty promises of US army recruiters, who also promise excitement and the protections of hierarchically structured organization. Both the army and the gang feed an endless spiral of violence based on the fallacy that only more violence can stop the killing and that young people without a purpose in life can only find "freedom" and safety within a militaristic set-up. In this whirling and moving show full of rap and urban dance the dilemmas of young people are being explored with subtlety.


When: Saturday March 29, 2008

Time 9:00

Theater Zuidplein

Rotterdam Netherlands

Bregamos to perform 'KINGDOM' at

the 2008 International Community 

Arts Festival in Rotterdam Netherlands

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